Long Wharf celebrates with ‘Our Town’

Myra Lucretia Taylor as the Stage Manager in Long Wharf Theatre’s production of ‘Our Town.’

Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven has come up with a novel way of celebrating its 50th anniversary year. It has opened its first show of this special season with a big nod to its alumni and to New Haven with Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. The entire main cast is made up of actors who... Read More

Buddy Holly lives in this tribute show

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly’s meteoric rise to fame among rock-’n’-rollers came to a tragic end when he and several other musicians were killed in a plane crash. However, his legendary music lives on and his story is told and retold on theater stages across America. Currently, Landmark Community Theatre at the ...

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There’s no high with Reefer Madness

The cast of ‘Reefer Madness’ onstage at the Warner Theatre.

Warner Theatre, Torringon: Now that medical marijuana has become more widely used, and now that Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana, some of the irony and camp of Reefer Madness, the musical, has lost its glow. Based on a 1936 film that warned against the use of ...

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Love, sex, and guilt at Westport Country Playhouse

Sarah Manton, Geneva Carr, and Matthew Greer in Alan Ayckbourn’s “Things We Do for Love,” directed by John Tillinger, at Westport Country Playhouse, now playing through Sept. 7 (203-227-4177 or www.westportplayhouse.org). —Carol Rosegg photo

If ever there was a “bittersweet” play it is Alan Ayckbourn’s Things We Do For Love. Here is a play beautifully directed by John Tillinger that features characters who are in love in different ways. For instance, Babara, who rents the basement to postman Gilbert and the upstairs bedroom to old ...

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‘Woody Sez’ defines the American spirit

David M. Lutken performs as Woody Guthrie in ‘Woody Sez: The Life & Music of Woody Guthrie’ at TheaterWorks, Hartford.

Note: This show has been extended to Sept. 21. Some people just know what they have to do with their lives. One of those people was the iconic folk singer Woody Guthrie. This guitar-and-harmonica-playing singer sang about the lives of everyday hard-working honest Americans. In Woody Sez: The ...

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Too dry for a rainmaker at Sherman Playhouse

The Rainmaker: Jeff Rossman as H.C. Curry, William H. Greenage IV as Noah Curry, Alexis M. Vournazos as Bill Starbuck, Stacy-Lee Frome as Lizzie Curry, and Thomas Ovitt as Jimmy Curry. —Josh Siegel

One could argue that a really good play could easily be performed with no set. And yet sets add so much to the time and ambiance of an era. The same is true for costumes. When you have a really great cast of actors, then you don’t really need costumes. Audiences are so forgiving as... Read More

Bergman’s ‘Nora’ at Westport Country Playhouse is not Ibsen’s

Liv Rooth and Lucas Hall in “Nora,” Ingmar Bergman’s adaption of Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House,” directed by David Kennedy, at Westport Country Playhouse, playing through Aug. 2. —Photo by Carol Rosegg

The Westport Country Playhouse production of Nora is an interesting “spin” on Ibsen’s A Doll House (oops — I mean adaptation) by Ingmar Bergman. Nora deserves its new title. It’s a different play with a lot of references to Ibsen’s masterpiece. Since Bergman cut one third of Ibsen’s work and ...

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