Another Easter tradition: Apizza gaina

An Easter specialty from the Twice Baked Twins: Apizza Gaina.

As the Easter holiday approaches, holy week is very busy in our kitchens. Traditional Easter cookies such as Nana’s anginettes, are being prepared, baked and frosted. Easter egg breads with their brightly colored hard boiled eggs are started and the sweet hot cross buns are on the rise (ha ha, ...

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The Twice-Baked Twins are thinking of Easter, planning for pie

Nana's Italian Ricotta Pie.

Finally, the beautiful weather seems to be making an appearance, the clocks are set ahead and the days are getting longer. Just one glimpse of the purple crocus peeking through the ground can set off an hour of conversation between us about what flowers we will be planting, what colors we ...

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Healthy and warming choices for late March

Twice-Baked Twins: Judy's Favorite Chicken Chili.

March is a crazy month as far as the weather goes. It can be snowy and feel like winter or show signs of spring with mild temperatures and bright sunny days. When we were growing up, our Mom would always recite that popular saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a... Read More

A traditional St. Patrick’s Day treat

A Corned Beef Burger for St. Patrick's Day.

Everyone likes to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and be Irish even if it is for just one day. Parades, parties, celebrations and wearing green, eating green and definitely drinking green. When we were children, our father would always stop at the local bakery and bring home the best green bagels, ...

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Tasty towers of polenta, a great hors d’oeuvre

Twice-Baked Twins' Polenta Towers.

They say good things come in small packages (we always wondered who are “they” … do you know? lol)  and these mini appetizers are just that! We’re obsessed! It is so much fun and definitely a presentation pleaser!  We love going to a party where you can taste a bit of everything. The one- ...

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A light and easy evening meal

Pappardelle with Roasted Eggplant Sauce.

The evening meal is a special one in our home. It is when we all come together and share all the stories that transpired during the day. But we have one question, “why does this important meal have to be at the end of the day?” Most of us are exhausted by this time but... Read More

Delicious combination of two favorites

Twice-Baked Twins' avocado-baked egg.

We are keeping with our “Slim & Trim” recipe ideas as we move forward in the new year. Most people think that eating healthier is going to be bland and boring. It’s just not true! Let Joy and me help you. We will do the creative thinking and you just sit back and enjoy. Let’s... Read More