Outings don’t always start at the trailhead

The Aspetuck Valley Trail. —Rob McWilliams photo

Why do we hike?  Let’s come back to that, but whatever the reason is, it wasn’t obvious to me in Collis P. Huntington State Park early this month. The drive up had stressed me out. Route 53 was blocked off by a Weston police vehicle, and I got turned around trying to use Route 58... Read More

Elvis impersonator and romance at Clockwork

When a Las Vegas wedding chapel opens for business, two eager lovers seem as if they are ready to tie the knot. Sandy (Elizabeth Fricke), the owner of the small wedding chapel, gets them to think twice about what they’re about to do. In Nancy Frick’s “4 Weddings and an Elvis,”being staged ...

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Healthy and warming choices for late March

Twice-Baked Twins: Judy's Favorite Chicken Chili.

March is a crazy month as far as the weather goes. It can be snowy and feel like winter or show signs of spring with mild temperatures and bright sunny days. When we were growing up, our Mom would always recite that popular saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a... Read More

Films that are ‘guilty pleasures’

At our house we savor “guilty pleasures,” those over-the-top movie experiences that may escape critical raves in their pursuit of delivering pure entertainment. Luckily, this week’s menu of movies available on television and cable brings us many of these films that we can enjoy over and over ...

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The Great Beauty: Visual journey to an emotional landscape

The Great Beauty.

The Great Beauty, the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the recent Academy Awards, uses the camera to explore the vast landscape of a man’s soul as it captures the beauty of Rome. This human, probing and ultimately loving film is available in selected area theaters, as well as on ...

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2014 Land Rover LR4: Special car for special people

The 2014 Land Rover LR4

Serving a niche market for many decades, Land Rover continues to sell special cars to special people. The LR4, descended from the old Discovery and carrying forward many of its most desirable traits, offers a unique mix of luxury, ruggedness, secure handling and exceptional visibility. The LR4, ...

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Don’t be a ‘text pest'; does the ‘early guest’ win the prize?

Q.  My wife and are increasing our kids’ text plans, but want to give them some boundaries. Is there such a thing as texting etiquette?   A.  There is, and the first guideline for them to keep in mind is that not everyone has unlimited texting, so they should not bombard their friends with ...

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