It’s cold — really cold: Soup!

Freezer/Refrigerator Dump Soup.

Well our little furry friend saw his shadow and we all know that six more weeks of winter can’t be good! We can try to make ourselves feel warm, satisfied and a bit more comforted with … soup.Yes, soup! It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and goes a long way when feeding a family and ...

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2014 Oscar predictions: going with heart

Bradley Cooper for American Sniper is the Reel Dad's pick for Best Actor.

Because 2014 brought us so many strong films, predicting the Oscar winners is a challenge. Here’s how The Reel Dad views the major categories that will be announced next Sunday, Feb. 22. Best Picture: Boyhood This year’s tight race pits the technical brilliance of Birdman against the emotional ...

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Past Oscar winners and nominees

Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby.

As you get ready for the Academy Awards on Sunday evening, broadcast and cable television offers some memorable returns to favorite winners and nominees. Take a look. Patton (1970) In one of the memorable Oscar races for Best Picture, two films about the military led the pack in 1970. Robert ...

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The Wildest at Seven Angels — run to get tickets!

The cast of The Wildest at Seven Angels Theatre are "Hip, Cool and Swingin' "

Anyone who missed the opening weekend of Seven Angels Theatre’s The Wildest missed one of the greatest shows of the season at the Waterbury venue. Don’t fret. There’s still time to catch a performance. Knowing this now means that even if you have to hitch a ride on a snow plow, you need to ...

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Three cheers for chocolate

Valentine's Day delights.

“Love is all you need, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” —Charles Schulz Nothing says love quite like chocolate. Lovers have been presenting chocolates to their sweethearts since the Victorian days, when Richard Cadbury created one of the first heart-shaped boxes with a ...

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The great pizza debate

How to eat? Pizza fans disagree.

Q.  My friends and I are having a debate about how you are supposed to eat pizza. Do you pick it up with your hands or is the polite thing to do to cut it with a knife and eat it with a fork? A.  Just as with the debate about which way to hang... Read More

All aboard for Eastbound Theatre’s great big hit

The cast of ‘The Last Romance,’ playing through Feb. 22 at Milford’s Eastbound Theatre.

Don’t miss the train for The Last Romance. Here’s a perfect Valentine gift to the greater Milford area as well as to theater lovers everywhere. Beautifully crafted by Joe DiPietro, this play focuses on a lonely widower who discovers that it’s never too late to fall in love again. Ralph Bellini ...

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