The great pizza debate

How to eat? Pizza fans disagree.

Q.  My friends and I are having a debate about how you are supposed to eat pizza. Do you pick it up with your hands or is the polite thing to do to cut it with a knife and eat it with a fork? A.  Just as with the debate about which way to hang... Read More

All aboard for Eastbound Theatre’s great big hit

The cast of ‘The Last Romance,’ playing through Feb. 22 at Milford’s Eastbound Theatre.

Don’t miss the train for The Last Romance. Here’s a perfect Valentine gift to the greater Milford area as well as to theater lovers everywhere. Beautifully crafted by Joe DiPietro, this play focuses on a lonely widower who discovers that it’s never too late to fall in love again. Ralph Bellini ...

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Snack food or junk food?

During my years as a managing editor, the greatest challenge I faced wasn’t the corporate bosses or the union organizers — it was the cafeteria vending machine. One night while we were working on a breaking story, Alphonse rushed into the newsroom and yelled, “I HAVE A MAJOR CRISIS!” “What’s ...

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Take time to find A Most Violent Year

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in A Most VIolent Year.

The realities of the movie business dictate that some films get a lot of attention while others are overlooked, some get nominated for awards while others are snubbed, and some play in many theaters while others fight for attention in DVD packages and on-demand schedules. J.C. Chandor’s A Most ...

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Favorite movie couples for Valentine’s weekend

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in 'Adam's Rib.'

On this Valentine’s Day weekend, broadcast and cable television offers some memorable visits with a few of our favorite movie couples. Take a look. Titanic (1996) Yes, it won all the Oscars and made a lot of money. But, years later, Titanic still seems an unlikely victor over the critically ...

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Mr. Carson: My arbiter in all things

Whenever I have an etiquette problem and can’t remember if the fork should go on the left or on the right, or if it’s proper to put my feet on the table before or after dinner, I turn to the true arbiters of good taste … Downton Abbey. No Emily Post or Martha Stewart for... Read More

A special treat for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Sea Scallops in Vanilla Cream Sauce.

Valentine’s Day is almost here again and Judy and I love doing something special for our families. Whether it is with chocolates, “I love you” cards for the hubbies or flowers for Mom and the girls, our favorite thing is a quiet meal shared together. For breakfast we will serve up some red ...

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