2014 Cadillac CTS 3.6L TT Vsport: Luxury and comfort, nicely proportioned

2014 Cadillac CTS 3.6L TT Vsport

Cadillac became a catch phrase – the Cadillac of this or that – by building big, luxurious cars that floated serenely over even the worst roads. The brand lost much of its cachet during the the great downsizing of the late 1970s and ‘80s. It was the STS and CTS – successors to the Seville... ...

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Some family classics to share: from Doctor Zhivago to The Wizard of Oz

This Week’s Movie Menu By Mark Schumann   On this special weekend, television offers a range of special movies for the family. Check out these offerings on cable.   Doctor Zhivago (1965) For many years, the great David Lean directed some of the best-loved epics of the screen, ...

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More on the question of tips

Q.  You wrote that a gas station attendant “is doing his professional job [pumping gas] and you don’t tip him.” I agree. That’s precisely why I find the ubiquitous, intimidating tip jar on counter tops to be offensive and annoying. Does a person deserve to be tipped simply for handing you a ...

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Friends at work, young friends, and a friend’s delicate question

Q.  I am starting a new job and my colleagues at my former company jointly gave me a farewell gift. Do I have to write a separate thank-you note to each of them?   A.  You can, especially if you have a personal message for each person that mentions how nice it has been to... Read More

Tribeca Film Festival celebrates independent film

James Franco, whose new film is Palo Alto; it's showing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Every year the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan showcases how marvelous movies can be when moviemakers creatively explore issues, develop characters and tell stories. This year’s festival — through April 27 — offers a range of intriguing films. Here are some to look for.   Third Person ...

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Priscilla Squiers brings home a memorable ‘Souvenir’

Greg Chrzczon and Priscilla Squiers in in a scene from ‘Souvenir’ at the Westport Community Theatre.

People who have a love of music often break out in song when they hear a musical number they are especially fond of. While most of these music lovers can carry a tune, some are tone deaf, and cannot hear themselves when they are singing off key.  Florence Foster Jenkins, 1868-1944, was one of ...

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2012 Ford Fiesta SEL: Revisiting the Fiesta

Ford Fiesta 2012

By happy coincidence, the rental-car company at the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., airport presented us with a high-mileage 2012 copy of a factory-fresh 2011 Ford Fiesta we test-drove a few years ago. This gave us an opportunity to evaluate the Fiesta for durability, something we seldom get to do when ...

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