Godzilla: Familiar summer movie roller coaster

Godzilla, 2014 version, attacks the Golden Gate Bridge.

Summer is officially here, at least at the movies. While some members of your family may still find themselves in classrooms, seeing a film can assure them that the seasons have actually changed. And, from now through Labor Day, a new would-be blockbuster will open every weekend. Godzilla — ...

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A smooth dip for the summertime: Guacamole made with edamame

A warm-weather treat: a guacamole made with edamame.

With all the summer gatherings and picnics that take place all summer long, guacamole will be front and center at many parties. It is easy, goes a long way and everybody loves it. The variations to this favorite are endless and Judy and I have had several! Toasted pignolis were crunchy and ...

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Modern queries: Online dating and name changes/non-changes

A Question of Etiquette by Catherine Michaels Q.  I just registered with an online matchmaking service but have no clue what to do if I find someone I’d like to meet. If someone wants to meet me and asks me out, does he pay? What if I know instantly that it’s not a good match... Read More

Connecticut Fishing Report: ‘Fair to good’ but ‘hit or miss’ as of May 22

Carp fishing this weekend!

TROUT RIVERS & STREAMS – Trout fishing has improved as flows dropped and temperatures warmed a bit. Conditions may however be variable this weekend (with Sunday forecast as the better day). Flows in most areas are currently at typical mid-May levels and quite comfortable for fishing ...

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Three faces of the emerging Norwalk River Valley Trail

The Norwalk River Valley Trail at North Water Street.

Last month, out on a hike, I watched a red-tailed hawk fly from perch to perch, and then soar to circle far above. Before, on the ground, a group of deer had moved through the sun-lit trees. Later I spooked a turkey into fleeing for the brush. This didn’t happen at the Devil’s Den or... Read More

Variety of choices, anchored by Mister Roberts

On this Memorial Day weekend, broadcast and cable television make it easy to take fresh looks at films you may warmly remember as well as some you may never have seen. Check out these offerings.   Ordinary People (1980) As an actor, Robert Redford brings a striking authenticity to every ...

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Tribeca Film Festival spotlights new treatments of familiar topics

The Bachelor Weekend, still.

Among the lessons from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival — the annual celebration of independent film in Manhattan — is that everything old can be new again when in the hands of thoughtful filmmakers. Some features of the festival, in fact, offer new approaches to familiar movies tales. With ...

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