2014 Mazda3 5-door Grand Touring: A true driver’s car, on a budget

2014 Mazda3 5-door Grand Touring

Driving aficionados who dream of owning a BMW someday, but can’t afford one in the here and now, have an easy choice. Among true driver’s cars, the Mazda3 stands out for its strong performance, crisp handling and overall refinement, at a competitive price. Redesigned for 2014, the Mazda3 is ...

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Professional courtesy?

  Q.  My wife is a doctor and has started refusing all social invitations because invariably, someone at a dinner or party will corner her and describe his symptoms and ask for her medical advice.  Is there some polite way she can deflect these questions so she can enjoy going out again? ...

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‘Chapter Two’ – A sweetheart of a Valentine

Bruce Murray and Ann Kinner in Eastbound Theatre’s production of Neil Simon’s ‘Chapter Two.’

It’s not easy to put on a live production of a play that has been both a popular Neil Simon romantic play and movie for years. Those who have seen the movie “Chapter Two” starring James Caan and Marsha Mason (Simon’s second wife) are not likely to forget it. The actors put their stamp on... Read More

Consciously seeking comfort

Oatmeal, winter comfort food.

“Good love is like a bowl of oatmeal.” —Robert Johnson The comforting effects of love are much like the wonderful benefits we gain from conscious cooking and eating. A solid relationship nourishes our soul, fuels our bodies with positive energy, and gives us the opportunity to share joys and ...

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Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

He simply could not deliver a dull performance. Even if the material demanded less from the actor than the actor could give, the actor always delivered, never letting the content define his impact. If the realities of life would ultimately overwhelm Philip Seymour Hoffman, the personal stress ...

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On TV: weekend films that explore relationships

Looking for a movie this weekend? As we celebrate Valentine’s weekend, check out some films that explore the highs and lows of relationships. Here are a few films to consider watching on television. Working Girl Feature of the Weekend If only employment and relationships could be as ...

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DEEP announces winter trout stocking

DEEP Inland Fisheries Resource Assistant Chris Finch stocking trout through the ice at Gardner Lake last Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Does winter seem long this year? Does the shortest month of the year seem like the longest? One way to beat the winter doldrums is to get out and enjoy some sunshine and the out-of-doors by going ice fishing. Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) has just ...

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