Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me: Magical tribute to a legend

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me captures the magic of the legendary performer as she prepares for a new chapter in her life. This funny, touching and memorable documentary is available in selected theaters, on demand and on line. When she walks on stage, she owns every inch of the floor, each eye in ...

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Square One has a good sense of ‘Time’

Janet Rathbert and David Victor appear as Sarah, a war-zone photographer, and her partner, James, who’s had to pull back from the front.

Square One Theatre Company in Stratford is offering a double treat with its current production of “Time Stands Still.” First of all, it’s a really good production of a good play. Secondly, it is written by New Haven resident Donald Margulies. It’s always so special to produce a play by one of ...

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Tasty towers of polenta, a great hors d’oeuvre

Twice-Baked Twins' Polenta Towers.

They say good things come in small packages (we always wondered who are “they” … do you know? lol)  and these mini appetizers are just that! We’re obsessed! It is so much fun and definitely a presentation pleaser!  We love going to a party where you can taste a bit of everything. The one- ...

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How to keep up your end of a conversation

Q.  How can I get better at small talk? I never know what to say and end up creating big silent moments that seem awkward. This is especially hard when I’ve just been introduced and don’t know the person.   A.  Two great ways to initiate a conversation, or keep one going, even with ...

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What films did Oscar forget?

As we bask in the memories of Oscar night, we should remember some films that the Academy overlooked. Check on line and DVD for these films that should not disappear.   Enough Said. Quiet comedies about real people always face an uphill journey with the Academy. This gem of a romantic ...

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Friday Night Lights celebrates traditions

Looking for a movie this weekend? As we look back at the Academy Awards, and hopefully look ahead to warmer weather, check out one of these films broadcast this weekend on television. Here are a few movies to consider.   Friday Night Lights Feature of the Weekend Few experiences bring ...

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2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport: More than meets the eye

2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport

A decade or two ago, the Toyota Camry was without peer in its class. This Japanese midsize sedan was indisputably superior to anything being built at the time in Asia or the United States, and the European automakers couldn’t match its low price. Things have changed. At least nine companies ...

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