Famiglia, Corleone-style, this weekend

What sounds good for your family’s movie menu this weekend? Even if the winds outside chill the air, the movies available on television can heat things up. Check out the highlights.   The Godfather and The Godfather Part II  Features of the Weekend Some families kill together to stay ...

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Philomena: Moving story of a mother’s love

As we savor Oscar season — and the best films of the year fill theaters — the Reel Dad checks out the nutritional value of the nominees. This week’s pick is Philomena, a nominee for four Academy Awards including Best Picture. Some years, the race for the Oscar for Best Picture features a ...

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At the dinner table and more

Q.  We often have casual dinners that include our children and the children of our friends. The children get restless when the dinner is long. Is it permissible for them to leave the table ahead of the adults?   A.  Yes, It’s hard for a young child to sit quietly through a long meal ...

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Thinking about past Oscar-winners this weekend

What’s on your family’s movie menu this weekend? With the excitement over the Oscar nominations, selections from the Hollywood archives remind us of the films the Academy has honored over the years. Here are some highlights on television this weekend.   The Philadelphia Story Now and then, ...

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The Reel Dad awards ‘The Schumies’

As the awards begin for the best movies of 2013, “The Schumies” honor the most nutritious achievements of the movie year!   Baked to Perfection: 12 Years a Slave The best films inspire us to imagine what we may never live. Working from a memoir written in 1853, 12 Years a Slave reaches ...

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Weekend TV watching: some over-the-top movies

What’s on your family’s movie menu this weekend? While it may be tempting to spend the weekend watching football, a classic film from the Hollywood archives can provide an entertaining diversion. Here are some highlights this weekend.   Victor/Victoria In 1982, some 18 years after winning ...

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Doggie bags — polite? Dealing with rudeness


Q.  Is it ok to ask for a doggie bag in a restaurant if I have food left on my plate at the end of the meal?   A. Yes, but don’t call it a doggie bag since it’s a pretty good bet your leftovers are not bones that are going to a dog. Rather,... Read More