Variety of choices, anchored by Mister Roberts

On this Memorial Day weekend, broadcast and cable television make it easy to take fresh looks at films you may warmly remember as well as some you may never have seen. Check out these offerings.   Ordinary People (1980) As an actor, Robert Redford brings a striking authenticity to every ...

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Tribeca Film Festival spotlights new treatments of familiar topics

The Bachelor Weekend, still.

Among the lessons from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival — the annual celebration of independent film in Manhattan — is that everything old can be new again when in the hands of thoughtful filmmakers. Some features of the festival, in fact, offer new approaches to familiar movies tales. With ...

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Square One turns ‘Bitter Herbs’ sweet

The cast of Olive and the Bitter Herbs: from left, Barry Hatrick, Al Kulcsar, Michelle Duncan, Alice McMahon and Jim Buffone. 

  “What makes this night different from all other nights?” Square One Theatre Company in Stratford is closing its 24th season with “Olive and the Bitter Herbs.” Featuring Olive, an elderly and angry protagonist, as well as her gay neighbors, a helpful young woman, the apartment building’s ...

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The merry, merry month of May: A brunch salad idea

Fennel adds a special flavor to a brunch salad.

“Sweet May hath come to love us, Flowers, trees, their blossoms don; And through the blue heavens above us the very clouds move on.” —Heinrich Heine   by Robin Glowa The month of May is surely a time to celebrate! Magnificent trees have burst into bloom, their pillowy white and pink ...

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Reliable movie choices for weekend TV watching

On this spring weekend, broadcast and cable television offer a range of reliable choices to satisfy any movie appetite. Check out these offerings.   Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) If you are looking for a reliable family comedy — that reflects the time period in which it was made — check out this ...

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Neighbors: Adult comedy with a heart

Neighbors, with Seth Rogen and Zac Effron.

Of the movie genres we savor, the comedy most reflects the time period the film is made. Something about making people laugh inspires filmmakers to focus on elements of today they can creatively exaggerate. That’s how the best movie comedies make us smile and make us think. Neighbors, a ...

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Only in spring: The tart taste of rhubarb

Nana's Strawberry-Rhubarb Tart

The other day while we were at the grocery store, we overheard a little girl ask her mother, “Mommy, why is the celery red and not green like the one at our house?” We looked at each other and smiled and decided that our children probably didn’t know what rhubarb looked like either! Rhubarb ...

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