2014 BMW 428i M Sport Coupe: A pleasing luxury coupe

The BMW 428i M Sport

Take your pick of personal luxury cars from the early 1970s – the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Thunderbird or Chrysler Cordoba. Endow it with world-class handling, exceptional fuel economy and meticulous quality control. Affix a BMW badge to the hood and a new-for-2014 label on the rear deck, ...

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Spreading springtime with asparagus

It's the season for spring treats like asparagus.

“April hath put a spirit of Youth in everything.” —William Shakespeare After such a long and punishing winter, the arrival of spring is a welcome balm to the frazzled spirit. Tired, weather beaten skin can make us appear a bit worse for wear, but the youthful foods of spring will restore skin’s ...

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Roxbury playwright’s world premiere is ‘molto bene’

Stephen Sherman, Jenny Ashman and Audrey Heffernan Meyer star in Joe Godfrey’s new play, ‘Romance Language,’ at Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury.

When teachers and students start falling for each other, eyebrows are raised. When a young man from another country tries to marry an older American woman to get a quick pass into the U.S., motive is suspect. So when handsome young Italian teacher, Fiore Benedetto, and wealthy middle-aged ...

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Group thank-you’s? Changing plans without hurting feelings

Q.  I am starting a new job and my colleagues at my former company jointly gave me a farewell gift. Do I have to write a separate thank-you note to each of them?   A.  You can, especially if you have a personal message for each person that mentions how nice it has been to... Read More

Take a movie break: Renew acquaintance with Prof. Kingsfield?

Now that spring may be arriving, the weekend movies on television can provide a welcome opportunity to relax after you complete your outdoor chores. Here’s a look at what’s on this weekend.   Summer Stock Of the many musicals starring the legendary Judy Garland, this hidden gem is easy to ...

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The Grand Budapest Hotel: Visually thrilling, emotionally empty

Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.

If a movie only needs to look good to be good, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel would be great. No matter what story he tells, Anderson makes every film a visual journey with exaggerated people trying to deal with extraordinary situations. While other filmmakers may explore similar ...

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2014 Volkswagen Jetta SEL: A great car, at a price

2014 Volkswagen Jetta SEL

Volkswagen’s Jetta seems a little more like its real-world namesake these days, thanks to the 1.8-liter, turbocharged Four that has been added to the list of available engines. The 2.0-liter, normally aspirated Four just doesn’t have the muscle to motivate this ton-and-a-half sedan and is now ...

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