Twice Baked Twins plan book-signing in Stamford Feb. 8

The Twice-Baked Twins, Judy Vig and Joy Paoletti, sample some Old World Olive Oil.

Identical twin sisters, Judy Vig and Joy Paoletti, The Twice Baked Twins — celebrity chefs, TV personalities with appearances on the Food Network, CBS’s The Talk, Hallmark Channel and weekly segments on CBS-WFSB Better CT, as well as columnists for Hersam Acorn Newspapers, will be signing books ...

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Elevator entries and exits; phone tag

Q.  Is there still a rule about who gets on and off an elevator first?   A.  The only “rule” is a very simple one: The person, whether male or female, who is nearest the door gets on the elevator first and holds the “door open” button, or the door, if no button, as a... Read More

‘Evita’ takes the Warner spotlight

Adrianne DiCerbo appears courtesy of Actors Equity in the title role of ‘Evita’ at Torrington’s Warner Theatre.

“Evita” is the story of the Argentine political sweetheart who rose from poverty to the first lady of her country. This rock opera type musical swept up accolades when it first opened and continues to do so today. Donald E. Birely directs Torrington’s Warner Theatre production and the musical ...

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A light and easy evening meal

Pappardelle with Roasted Eggplant Sauce.

The evening meal is a special one in our home. It is when we all come together and share all the stories that transpired during the day. But we have one question, “why does this important meal have to be at the end of the day?” Most of us are exhausted by this time but... Read More

Make past Oscar nominees your choice

Looking for a movie to watch? As we count down to the Oscars on March 2, check out some past winners and nominees on television this weekend. Here are the highlights.   How the West Was Won Feature of the Weekend The history of the United States is a fascinating tale of brave people ...

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The Wolf of Wall Street: Overdone look at outrageous living

The Wolf of Wall Street surprised moviegoers with winning five Academy Award nominations. Does the film merit the honors? This week, the Reel Dad takes a fresh look at the latest entry from Oscar-winning director Martin Scorcese.    Nobody makes movies that look or sound like movies by ...

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How should a child answer the phone? Dealing with strolling musicians

Etiquette: talking with grandma.

Q.  Are there guidelines you can give me to teach my children how to answer the phone politely?   A. While it used to be correct to have children answer with “Smith residence, Ethan speaking,” it is no longer a good idea, for safety reasons, to have them provide either the family name or ...

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