A tale of two Gatsbys

Each week, the Reel Dad checks the nutritional value of a movie — new or classic — to help you choose what to watch. This week, he compares two adaptations of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the 2013 version starring Leonardo DiCaprio, now available on DVD and On Demand, and the 1974 ...

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Beef stew with chocolate? Yes!

Twice Baked Twins stew, with a secret ingredient.

We love to make bowls of traditional beef stew to feed our bodies as well as our souls. This is our Mom’s recipe and a favorite of our Dad’s and she made this dish quite often.  Mom would use any vegetable in season and made this anytime of the year, serving it over buttered mashed... Read More

Newtown Players present ‘Tom, Dick, and Harry’

Town Players of Newtown: Tom, Dick and Harry

When a delightful and seemingly normal married couple awaits the arrival of Mrs. Potter who will interview them regarding their ability to adopt a child, everything seems to be in order as the Town Players of Newtown production of “Tom, Dick and Harry” opens. However, Linda tells her husband, ...

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Connecticut DEEP Fishing Report for Sept. 12

INLAND REPORT LARGEMOUTH BASS fishing is generally fair to good. Areas to try include Mashapaug Lake, Highland Lake, Bantam Lake, Crystal Lake, Congamond Lakes, Wononskopomuc Lake, Hatch Pond, Candlewood Lake, Messerschmidt Pond, Winchester Lake, Quonnipaug Lake, Burr Pond, Halls Pond, ...

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Celebrate two great directors this weekend

What’s on your family’s movie menu this weekend? This is a great week to celebrate great movie directors. If you want to introduce your family to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, skip the football games on Sunday, Sept. 15, for a festival on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Or, if you are interested ...

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Haute Cuisine: Tasty movie fun from a creative kitchen

Each week, the Reel Dad checks the nutritional value of a movie — new or classic — to help you choose what to watch. This week’s pick is a new offering from France, soon to be released in area theaters, Haute Cuisine. The movies love chefs, kitchens and food. From Julie and Julia to ...

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Great theater that’s too good to miss

Jersey Boys.

This is that wonderful time of year when the last shows of the summer season overlap the new arrivals for the fall season. Therefore, you’ve got a lot of theater to choose from. Some of this theater is much too good to miss. These are opportunities that don’t come around too often, so reserve ...

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