Neighbors: Adult comedy with a heart

Neighbors, with Seth Rogen and Zac Effron.

Of the movie genres we savor, the comedy most reflects the time period the film is made. Something about making people laugh inspires filmmakers to focus on elements of today they can creatively exaggerate. That’s how the best movie comedies make us smile and make us think. Neighbors, a ...

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Only in spring: The tart taste of rhubarb

Nana's Strawberry-Rhubarb Tart

The other day while we were at the grocery store, we overheard a little girl ask her mother, “Mommy, why is the celery red and not green like the one at our house?” We looked at each other and smiled and decided that our children probably didn’t know what rhubarb looked like either! Rhubarb ...

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Sharing checks, visiting babies, hosting a party

Sharing a restaurant check.

Q.  This may sound petty, but a group of us meet periodically for dinner at a restaurant, where we don’t drink, and they do, and we don’t order dessert, and they do.. When it’s time to pay the bill, they just divide it evenly, which doesn’t seem fair to us. We enjoy their company but... Read More

Seven Angels’ ‘Patent Leather Shoes’ reflects well in Waterbury

The cast of Do Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? at Seven Angels Theater in Waterbury.

Everyone has to go through it – growing up. Along the way teachers and friends help make that inevitable challenge unforgettable. Such is the case for Eddie Ryan, who falls hard for little chubby Becky. The two youngsters attend a Catholic school and that’s where the proverbial fun begins in ...

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2014 Dodge Durango R/T AWD: A fine minivan alternative SUV

2014 Dodge Durango R/T AWD

Someone should conduct a survey to determine how many Dodge Durango SUV owners intended to buy a Caravan minivan but wound up behind the wheel of the Durango, with its burly yet civilized personality.  Originally a moderately rugged SUV, today’s Durango has the people-moving capability of a ...

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May 9 fishing report from CT DEEP


TROUT RIVERS & STREAMS – Trout anglers found some good action last week. However flows have increased throughout the state due to this week’s rains (see stream flow graphic on page 4) and a number of areas are currently difficult to fish, and some possibly unsafe (especially for ...

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Movie mothers for Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day weekend, broadcast and cable television pay tribute to these special people in our lives with iconic portrayals of mothers we remember. Check out these offerings.   Gypsy (1962) On Broadway, this classic musical by Jule Styne, Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents has ...

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