Lee Daniels’ The Butler: Meaningful, significant history

Each week, the Reel Dad checks the nutritional value of a movie — new or classic — to help you choose what to watch. This week’s pick is a new offering from director Lee Daniels, The Butler. As we savor the comfort of late summer in New England we can, too easily, overlook the journeys... Read More

Eating locally grown produce and loving it

Farmers' markets.

The most satisfying and invigorating meals are prepared with the simplest of ingredients. Utilizing the freshest of vegetables, fruits and herbs as the foundation of fantastic summer meals will provide you with a multitude of healthy pleasures. Search out your local farmer’s markets, where you ...

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New play at Westport will not fade into ‘Oblivion’

Oblivion at the Westport Country Playhouse.

When teenage Julie lies to her parents about where she spent the weekend, they know she’s lying. However, no matter what they do or say to guarantee there will be no repercussions, Julie refuses to tell the truth. What’s the deal? In Carly Mensch’s play, “Oblivion” at the Westport Country ...

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Great green harvest of flavor!

Pesto, from the Twice-Baked Twins

The temperatures are starting to change and fall is just around the corner. Our beautiful summer flowers will soon be overgrown and stalky. How gorgeous they once were! As we give one last look in the yard enjoying the last of the flowers, we see way in the back  lots of green, big beautiful ...

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Connecticut DEEP Fishing Report Aug. 15

INLAND REPORT LARGEMOUTH BASS fishing has been variable, with some really good days, but others that are just plain tough, anglers are citing passing fronts and “bluebird skies” for the up‐and‐down week. Night fishing has been more consistent, providing some fair fishing (try black jitterbugs ...

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Woody Allen: Appreciating a legendary career

For all of us who love movies, the film work of the great Woody Allen is something to savor. The acclaim for his latest release, Blue Jasmine, caps a career filled with marvelous movie memories. This week, the Reel Dad remembers what makes his films so special. With his brilliant work in Blue ...

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Focus on mothers this weekend

What’s on your family’s movie menu this weekend? With summer vacation nearing its end, what a great time to salute everything that mothers bring to our families. And, since movies began to talk, mothers have been popular movie heroines, as you will see in some of this week’s movies on ...

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