Wondrous winter wellness

Avocados brighten winter.

I wonder if the snow loves the fields and trees, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep darlings, till the summer comes again.” — Lewis Carroll   Despite the  frigid temperatures and short, dark days, ...

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The Invisible Woman: More than a fashion show

As we savor Oscar season — and the nominees fill area theaters — the Reel Dad checks out the nutritional value of the honored films. This week’s pick is the drama about Charles Dickens, The Invisible Woman, a nominee for Best Costume Design. Since movies began, Hollywood has loved costumes. ...

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Past Oscar-winners to enjoy

What’s on your family’s movie menu this weekend? With the Academy Awards soon approaching, you can check out these past winners and nominees on television. Here are some films to catch or record this weekend.   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Feature of the Weekend   We expect our ...

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Dating etiquette: Introductions are not optional

Etiquette of dating.

Q.  My daughter has started dating. Is it unreasonable for us to expect to meet her date when he picks her up?  A.  It is entirely reasonable, particularly if she is a minor, and it is a courtesy if she is an adult living in your home. Whether she believes it or not, having parents... Read More

Delicious combination of two favorites

Twice-Baked Twins' avocado-baked egg.

We are keeping with our “Slim & Trim” recipe ideas as we move forward in the new year. Most people think that eating healthier is going to be bland and boring. It’s just not true! Let Joy and me help you. We will do the creative thinking and you just sit back and enjoy. Let’s... Read More

Long Wharf starts the New Year with ‘The Consultant’

Cassie Beck and Nelson Lee in The Consultant at Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven. —T. Charles Erickson

After a bad presentation, the firm of Sutton, Feingold and McGrath calls in a graduate student to help their designer make better presentations. With his job on the line, Jun Suk knows he needs to make a great presentation or he’s through. The firm has already downsized and most of the people ...

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Famiglia, Corleone-style, this weekend

What sounds good for your family’s movie menu this weekend? Even if the winds outside chill the air, the movies available on television can heat things up. Check out the highlights.   The Godfather and The Godfather Part II  Features of the Weekend Some families kill together to stay ...

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