It’s time for some goodness from the garden: Start with chives

Conscious Cook: chives.

“ I love Spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.”—Ruth Stout   Before the swell of summer is in full force, bringing a riot of color and texture to vegetable and flower gardens, there is the cool, calm, charm of the spring herb garden. The first ...

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‘Free Fishing Day,’ part of Connecticut’s Great Park Pursuit, is May 10: No license needed

Carp fishing this weekend!

The Great Park Pursuit, Connecticut State Parks Family Adventure, will begin May 10, which is also “Free Fishing Day” in Connecticut. No fishing license will be required – an opportunity for everyone to try fishing for free. May 10th is a great day to be outdoors with your ...

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Awkward conversations; over-friendly dogs; intrusive questions

Q.  What do I do when in a group of people who are gossiping about other people or taking a stance on a subject and I totally disagree with them but don’t know them well enough to take my own stance?   A. The easiest, and often wisest thing to do is to not participate... Read More

A meal for Mother’s Day

A very special filet mignon for Mom.

It is early morning and the house is very still. The sun is starting to rise, and I can feel its warmth through the window of the kitchen door. “Wow, where are all the fingerprints? Someone must have cleaned it before they went to bed.” What a great way to start Mother’s Day,” I say... Read More

Lion’s Head to Bear Mountain on a cold spring day

The view north from Lion's Head on the Appalachian Trail in northwest Connecticut.

I began to doubt that trail conditions this March 28th were going to be as expected when I had to put chains on my boots just to cross the parking lot to the privy. It was an Appalachian Trail privy, the sort that gets you wondering what you’d do if your car keys fell through... Read More

Need another Kevin Costner fix?

With spring finally here, television offers a range of movies when you want a break from the fresh air. Check out these offerings on broadcast and cable this weekend.   Moneyball (2011) If you check out the new Kevin Costner film Draft Day — a movie that could be titled “Moneyball Lite” — ...

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Draft Day: Fun football fantasy

Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner in 'Draft Day.'

At our house, the “guilty pleasure” is a staple in the movie diet. While we love to savor nutritional films, we rarely turn down the opportunity to devour cinema junk food, the kind of movie that begs for popcorn, provides nothing but empty calories, and hits the spot for mindless movie ...

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