New York Film Festival offers a rich slate

Michael Keaton stars in Birdman, a feature at the New York Film Festival.

For people who love movies, our corner of the world offers many ways to savor our favorite pastime. In addition to the theaters and screenings in our area, we are a short train ride or drive away from one of the premier events of the movie season. This year marks the 52nd annual celebration ...

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The Reel Dad remembers Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall.

Paying tribute to Lauren Bacall She was the look, the voice and, at times, the purr. When Lauren Bacall recently died at age 89 some moviegoers — especially younger ones — may have asked, “who was that?” If so, they have missed being entertained by a unique talent and presence yet to ...

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Leaving politely; what to do with ‘candy cups’


Q.  My young children get a little antsy at the dinner table when they have finished eating but everyone else hasn’t. When it is just our family we will let them leave the table, but when we have company, should we insist they stay at the table or is it all right to excuse them?... Read More

The CT-DEEP Fishing Report: Late summer action

A Seeforellen strain brown trout.

LARGEMOUTH  BASS  fishing  is  reported  as  fair  to  good,  with  bigger  fish  sometimes  being  hard  to  find.  Places   to  try  include  Candlewood  Lake  (action’s  been  slowing),  Highland  Lake,  Pachaug  Pond,  Congamond  Lakes,  Burr   Pond,  Mansfield  Hollow  Reservoir,  Bantam ...

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Movie menu: A potpourri of old favorites

Geraldine Page and Paul Newman in Sweet Bird of Youth.

With many ways for a family to watch movies together, broadcast and cable television still make it easy to revisit old favorites. What may be familiar to one may be new to someone else! Here are a few choices for this weekend. With Six You Get Eggroll (1968) This was a banner year for movies... ...

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Amazing Tomato Cobbler — great use for garden bounty

A delicious Amazing Tomato Cobbler.

The temperatures are changing.  Fall is definitely coming and bringing the cooler weather along for the ride. Our beautiful flowers are now brown and stalky. To be honest with you, I am over them and sick of watering every night. Every time I walk by them its hard to believe they were once so ...

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2014 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ Turbo: A small bright spot in the Chevrolet line

2014 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ Turbo

Sadly, most of the news lately about Chevrolet’s subcompact segment has been negative. But there’s a silver lining around the clouds encompassing the Cavalier and Cobalt. The Sonic, a subcompact sedan that debuted during the 2012 model year, achieves a clean break from the mediocrity or worse ...

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