Blizzard movies: what to watch while trapped at home

The Grand Budapest Hotel is available on demand and online.

If you are stuck inside the next couple of days – and your cable and power stay on – here are a few films to help pass the time and get you ready for the Oscars! Boyhood (2014) This magical film from director Richard Linklater delivers a Valentine greeting to any parent who experiences the... ...

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Tasty and healthy treats

The Twicebaked Twins' No-Bake Treats.

With a brand new year ahead of us, we all strive hard to have a good beginning and eating healthy is always a great place to start. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is finally over and for most people so is the overindulging of just about everything. We have been testing recipes... ...

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American Sniper brings the realities of war home

Bradley Cooper in The American Sniper.

At age 84, Clint Eastwood reminds us that, no matter the war, too many soldiers face challenging battles when they come home. While his film American Sniper may advertise itself as the story of one military hero, the director focuses on how our nation fails to support all of our military ...

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Signed & sealed!

Sealing wax — how to use it.

Q.  I got a monogrammed stamp and sealing wax as a gift and can’t wait to use it for notes and invitations, but want to know if this is acceptable? A.  It’s great! There is a resurgence of interest in adding a waxed seal to mailing envelopes and lots of resources for ordering a personal... Read More

Some favorites from 2014

2014 Subaru BRZ Premium

In 2014, we had the privilege of driving several breakthrough models, some featuring high technology, others reflecting a new direction for familiar automakers. Here are the best of the sedans and sporty cars; next week we’ll feature sport-utility vehicles and our Car of the Year. TOY ...

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Counting down to the Oscars: previous winners

Viola Davis in The Help.

As we count down to Oscar, broadcast and cable outlets offer movie choices with Academy Award pedigrees. Take a look at what’s available on broadcast and cable television this weekend. Funny Girl (1968) When Barbra Streisand traveled to Hollywood, in 1967, to begin filming the movie version of ...

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A whodunnit comedy, emphasis on comedy

Dick Terhune and Holly Martin star in The Thirty-Nine Steps in Torrington.

Whether being chased on the roof of a train or handcuffed to a woman who wants to report him to the police at every possible opportunity, Richard Hannay manages to get himself out of trouble almost as easily as he gets into it in a production of The Thirty-Nine Steps at the Warner Theatre, ...

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