Vermont: Two peaks in the Green Mountain State

The view from Mt. Mansfield, with Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks in the distance.

You would expect Vermont to have good hiking. It is, after all, the least densely settled of the eastern states excepting Maine. It’s covered top-to-bottom by those famous Green Mountains too. Somehow, though, it had stayed off my hiking wish list. In part this was because, having seen bits of ...

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2014 Range Rover Evoque: Get past its great looks and find a great SUV

2014 Range Rover Evoque.

It’s hard to do, but try to look past the Range Rover Evoque’s stunning shape. Even if it looked frumpy, it would be one special sport-utility vehicle. And it certainly doesn’t look frumpy. Beneath the daring styling, Evoque’s unique qualities are readily discernible. The manufacturer, Tata ...

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Ahi tuna, fresh off the grill

Ahi tuna with arugula and citrus aioli.

Every time I think of Florida my heart smiles. We have been back and forth to this stunning little island, Hutchinson Island, where my in-laws have lived now for 27 years. Coming back from a great time there I remember all of the little things that make it magical and special to me and I... Read More

Bluefish catch improving; striped bass still fair to good


LARGEMOUTH  BASS  fishing  is  reported  as  slow  in  many  areas.  Night  fishing  is  still  producing  some  fish   (try  black  jitterbugs  and  surface  poppers).  Waters  to  try  include  Billings  Lake,  Gardner  Lake,  Tyler  Lake,   Burr  Pond,  Lake  Saltonstall,  Shenipsit  Lake, ...

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Envelopes at wakes are for … ?


Q.  At wakes, I see many envelopes left on a table for the family of the deceased. Are they just sympathy cards or cards with money in them, and if so, how much is the expected donation? Also, If you send flowers to the funeral home, do you also have to give money to the... Read More

‘Woody Sez’ defines the American spirit

David M. Lutken performs as Woody Guthrie in ‘Woody Sez: The Life & Music of Woody Guthrie’ at TheaterWorks, Hartford.

Note: This show has been extended to Sept. 21. Some people just know what they have to do with their lives. One of those people was the iconic folk singer Woody Guthrie. This guitar-and-harmonica-playing singer sang about the lives of everyday hard-working honest Americans. In Woody Sez: The ...

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Remembering Robin Williams

Robin Williams, with Jeff Bridges, in The Fisher King.

He looked, in his richest moments on screen, as if he couldn’t wait each morning to go to the studio to step before the camera. When he was “on” he brought an enthusiasm to acting that thrilled with each surprise. And he continued, until the tragic end of his life, to redefine himself as an... ...

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