The rewards of rhubarb: Not for the faint of heart

Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade is a good summer cooler.

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” —Arthur Rubenstein With all there is to love about springtime, conscious cooks have much to satisfy the body and soul. The world is blooming with brightness and there are fantastic flavors to explore. One particularly invigorating ...

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Maleficent: Fun reinvention of classic Disney tale

The Reel Dad reviews Maleficent.

The summer of 2014 is proving to be popular for screen villains in search of reinvention and renewal. Last month Godzilla transformed himself into a politically correct (and sequel ready) monster in a new telling of a familiar tale that is now followed by a Disney makeover of one another ...

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Two Streisands, an Audrey Hepburn, and Newman’s Oscar

Do you enjoy revisiting movie icons? Those bigger-than-life stars who know how to fill a screen? This weekend, broadcast and cable television feature movies that star some of the biggest names we remember. Check out these offerings.   The Prince of Tides (1991) Yes, we know Barbra ...

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‘The Last Five Years’ at Long Wharf: Breaking up a marriage is hard to do

Adam Halpin and Katie Rose Clarke in 'The Last Five Years.'

Divorce is talked about so matter-of-factly these days that it’s easy to lose sight of the pain that couples go through during the disintegration of a marriage. Jason Robert Brown’s “The Last Five Years” at Long Wharf Theatre is mostly a sung-through musical that captures the heartache Cathy ...

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Godzilla: Familiar summer movie roller coaster

Godzilla, 2014 version, attacks the Golden Gate Bridge.

Summer is officially here, at least at the movies. While some members of your family may still find themselves in classrooms, seeing a film can assure them that the seasons have actually changed. And, from now through Labor Day, a new would-be blockbuster will open every weekend. Godzilla — ...

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A smooth dip for the summertime: Guacamole made with edamame

A warm-weather treat: a guacamole made with edamame.

With all the summer gatherings and picnics that take place all summer long, guacamole will be front and center at many parties. It is easy, goes a long way and everybody loves it. The variations to this favorite are endless and Judy and I have had several! Toasted pignolis were crunchy and ...

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Modern queries: Online dating and name changes/non-changes

A Question of Etiquette by Catherine Michaels Q.  I just registered with an online matchmaking service but have no clue what to do if I find someone I’d like to meet. If someone wants to meet me and asks me out, does he pay? What if I know instantly that it’s not a good match... Read More