Reflecting on rhubarb: A unique taste of spring

Rhubarb is one of the joys of spring.

Enjoying seasonal fruits and vegetables is a natural and harmonic way to nourish the body and the spirit. Here in New England, gardens are yielding the delicious flavors of spring, such as asparagus, herbs, lettuces and rhubarb. Also known as pieplant, rhubarb is a cook’s dream ingredient. ...

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A meditation on the perfection of peas

Fresh peas — a spring treat.

Natural foods are so perfect, peas in particular. Many cooks, including myself, anticipate the first crop of garden fresh peas with great longing. Sugar Snap peas are a true marvel, no shelling needed, the edible pods providing a most satisfying sweet crunch. A big bowl of raw Sugar Snaps is a ...

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‘Lettuce’ entertain you: Try creating a wrap

One of the joys of spring: locally grown lettuce.

One of the joys of spring: locally grown lettuce.If you are a gardener or a serious salad enthusiast, you are eagerly anticipating the first tender leaves of spring lettuces. Peppery arugula, brightly colored Swiss chard, spicy mesclun mix and sweet spinach are ever so delicious when freshly ...

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The king of spring: Sweet spires of asparagus

Asparagus brings flavor to spring.

Asparagus brings flavor to spring.Spring has arrived, heralded by bright, beautiful flowers, brilliant blue skies and the most regal of all vegetables, asparagus!  A treasure of New England gardeners, the appearance of the slender spires rising up from the soil is cause for a seasonal ...

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Add brightness to spring with mangos; try a lassi!

Mangos are a spring-brightening food.

Mangos are a spring-brightening food.The mercurial days of spring are here — one moment beaming rays of sunshine are melting snow banks and starting a slow, sweet, thawing of the soil, while the very next day the wind howls and errant snowflakes flutter in the sturdy breeze.  How grateful I am ...

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The green, green hills of health: Think kale!

Inspired by the beauty of Irish green hills and St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to showcase the lusciously life-sustaining advantages of cooking with dark, leafy greens. Dark, leafy greens are not a significant ingredient in many American kitchens, with many believing that iceberg lettuce and a ...

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Keeping the faith as February ends

Think bok choy!

Think bok choy!As I listened to the wind howl and watched the blinding, swirling snow fall during this last monumental winter storm I was struck by a number of thoughts. One was how very difficult it was going to be to shovel out from a three-foot snowfall, how long would it be for things to... ...

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