What directors choose: Lessons from N.Y. Film Fest

Clouds of Sils Maria

Each year the New York Film Festival celebrates the magic filmmakers can create when they dare to reach beyond usual approaches. This year’s event reminded us how special film can be when directors push what the medium can reveal. Here are a few lessons to savor. Story Matters. At a time when ...

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New York Film Festival showcases remarkable surprises

Actor JK Simmons is one of the treats of the New York Film Festival, in Whiplash.

Of the movie moments at this year’s New York Film Festival, a few marvelous surprises jump off the screen. While too many films today rely on the familiar, this festival consistently showcases surprises in story, approach and, particularly this year, performance. Here’s a look at some ...

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Carb-Loaded highlights local filmmaker’s creativity

Filmmaker Lathe Poland, in a scene from his new documentary, Carb-Loaded.

Since we were old enough to absorb television commercials we have been encouraged to “have it your way” and told that we “deserve a break today.” The potential results of eating the foods advertisers promote sets the stage for a compelling — and highly entertaining — documentary from Bethel ...

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New York Film Festival offers a rich slate

Michael Keaton stars in Birdman, a feature at the New York Film Festival.

For people who love movies, our corner of the world offers many ways to savor our favorite pastime. In addition to the theaters and screenings in our area, we are a short train ride or drive away from one of the premier events of the movie season. This year marks the 52nd annual celebration ...

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The Reel Dad remembers Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall.

Paying tribute to Lauren Bacall She was the look, the voice and, at times, the purr. When Lauren Bacall recently died at age 89 some moviegoers — especially younger ones — may have asked, “who was that?” If so, they have missed being entertained by a unique talent and presence yet to ...

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Magic in the Moonlight, a lesser effort

Emma Stone and Colin Firth in Woody Allen's Magic in the Moonlight.

Any moviemaker who makes as many movies as Woody Allen will make some that are better than others. For every Annie Hall or Blue Jasmine he beautifully crafts, Allen occasionally puts his direction on autopilot with clinkers like To Rome With Love and The Curse of the Jade Scorpion. His latest, ...

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The Hundred Foot Journey — Cinematic comfort food

Manish Dayal and Helen Mirren in The Hundred Foot Journey.

Like a delicious meal at a favorite restaurant, The Hundred Foot Journey warms the palette with its touching story of a young man who discovers his destiny as a master chef. While the characters can feel familiar, and the situations may become predictable, the film is prepared with so much ...

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