Past Oscar contenders

Robert Preston in The Music Man.

As we pack away our Oscar memories for this year, broadcast and cable television offerings remind us of some past contenders. Here’s a sample of what you can find this weekend. Argo (2012) Seeing Ben Affleck at the Oscars reminds how, two years ago, he was the big winner for this thriller of a ...

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Past Oscar winners and nominees

Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby.

As you get ready for the Academy Awards on Sunday evening, broadcast and cable television offers some memorable returns to favorite winners and nominees. Take a look. Patton (1970) In one of the memorable Oscar races for Best Picture, two films about the military led the pack in 1970. Robert ...

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Favorite movie couples for Valentine’s weekend

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in 'Adam's Rib.'

On this Valentine’s Day weekend, broadcast and cable television offers some memorable visits with a few of our favorite movie couples. Take a look. Titanic (1996) Yes, it won all the Oscars and made a lot of money. But, years later, Titanic still seems an unlikely victor over the critically ...

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Movies that stand the test of time

The classic Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, will be screened Saturday night on PBS.

Looking back, some movies get better with time, while others don’t survive the passage of years. This weekend’s offerings on broadcast and cable television help us see how time can enhance or diminish what we remember seeing at the movies. Take a fresh look. Grease (1978) We didn’t care, when ...

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Some past Oscar treats

Robin Williams and Nathan Lane in The Birdcage.

With this year’s Academy Awards just a few weeks away, let’s savor some treats with Oscar pedigrees. Here’s what’s available this weekend on broadcast and cable television. The Lion in Winter (1968) Jaws dropped on Oscar night 1968 when Ingrid Bergman announced the winner of the year’s Best ...

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Blizzard movies: what to watch while trapped at home

The Grand Budapest Hotel is available on demand and online.

If you are stuck inside the next couple of days – and your cable and power stay on – here are a few films to help pass the time and get you ready for the Oscars! Boyhood (2014) This magical film from director Richard Linklater delivers a Valentine greeting to any parent who experiences the... ...

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Some past Oscar nominees on view

Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman in 'Doubt.'

As we near the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations – on Thursday, Jan. 15 – we look to broadcast and cable television for a collection of nominated and films receiving awards. Take a look at what’s available this weekend. The King’s Speech (2010) Sometimes we take leaders for granted. ...

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