Some gems on TV, including Cat Ballou

Lee Marvin and his horse in a classic pose in Cat Ballou.

Journeys to outer space, the Wild West, controversies over nuclear power and adjustments to moving from Manhattan to the suburbs highlight the movies available this weekend on broadcast and cable television. Take a look. Apollo 13 (1995) Few experiences illuminate the American spirit as did the ...

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Some classics from more than 50 years ago

Magnificent Obsession with Jane Wyman.

Checking out the movies on broadcast and cable stations this weekend offers a journey through the history of Hollywood. Take a look at what’s available. Magnificent Obsession (1954) In the 1950s, director Douglas Sirk created a unique visual identify with his stylized approach to stories about ...

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Choice romantic comedies and romances on television this weekend

His Girl Friday, with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.

Romantic comedy is in the movie air this weekend as broadcast and cable stations try to make the most of the warmer temperatures by broadcasting some favorite love stories. Take a look. Sleepless In Seattle (1993) The late Nora Ephron knew how to write romantic comedy. In this delightful ...

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All Quiet on the Western Front on Friday

All Quiet on the Western Front will be shown this weekend.

There’s a little something for everyone at the movies this week as broadcast and cable stations reach into the Hollywood archives to celebrate the summer of 2014. Take a look. All Quiet on the Western Front (1929) The 100-year anniversary of the start of World War I brings to mind how little we ...

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Films for the 4th of July

James Cagney as George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Celebrate the 4th of July with gems from the Hollywood archives that bring our nation’s history to life. Here’s what you can find this weekend on broadcast and cable channels. 1776 (1972) The birth of the United States is a fascinating tale of bravery, persistence and downright stubbornness. ...

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Brando singing and dancing; two Redford gems; comedy classic

Big stars in classic movies highlight what’s available this weekend on broadcast and cable channels. Some offerings return us to Hollywood’s golden age while others paint more recent pictures. Check these out. Guys and Dolls (1955) Marlon Brando is well remembered for his masterful dramatic ...

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‘Guilty pleasures’ for summer TV viewing

On the Town, partially filmed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

For people who love movies, it’s easy (and fun) to access the film archives to relive favorite moments in movies. And, this weekend, thanks to broadcast and cable television, you can check out some guilty pleasures from yesteryear you may not have seen for a while. Here are a few. Susan Slade ...

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