Treasures from Altman and Eastwood, plus Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates in 'Misery,' for which she won an Oscar.

Some reel surprises are easy to find on broadcast and cable television this weekend: Movies with stories, characters and stars! So, if you plan to look for a movie to share, take a look at what’s on the tube. Here are a few ideas. Gosford Park (2001) The great director Robert Altman — who ...

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You may have to dig but gems are there

color of money

Some weekends offer better movie choices than others. This weekend, you may have to dig a bit through the choices on broadcast and cable television. But the gems are there! Here are a few. The Color of Money (1986) No it’s not the best Paul Newman performance even though it finally won him an ...

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What to watch: tales of courage

Richard Dreyfuss in American Graffiti.

Ready to watch a movie? Choosing what to watch is like choosing what to eat: we can choose junk food or we can find a nutritious movie that will inform, enlighten, entertain and inspire. Thanks to broadcast and cable television, you can put together your own movie menu. Here’s what’s on this ...

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Some choices for family viewing

Grease is one of this weekend's choices.

Watching movies is a lot like choosing what we eat. We can choose movies that are nutritious — that inform, enlighten, entertain or inspire — or we can choose cinema junk food. As in life, balance also makes sense with movies and, fortunately, the many choices on broadcast and cable stations ...

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Some movies to share with the family

A scene from Mrs. Miniver brings home the effects of war on England.

Of all the way we share family time, movies give us all kinds of things to talk about. Thanks to a full weekend of films available on broadcast and cable television, it’s easy for everyone to discover something new on the screen. Take a look. His Girl Friday (1940) I have always loved to ...

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Movie menu: A potpourri of old favorites

Geraldine Page and Paul Newman in Sweet Bird of Youth.

With many ways for a family to watch movies together, broadcast and cable television still make it easy to revisit old favorites. What may be familiar to one may be new to someone else! Here are a few choices for this weekend. With Six You Get Eggroll (1968) This was a banner year for movies... ...

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Meet Dave, as well as a less-appealing U.S. President

Dave, with Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver.

One of the joys of watching movies on broadcast television and non-premium cable is the opportunity to rediscover from gems from the past. Take a look at what’s available this weekend. Dave (1993) Movies love to tell stories about the Presidents of the United States. Some are based on fact ...

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