Take a movie break: Renew acquaintance with Prof. Kingsfield?

Now that spring may be arriving, the weekend movies on television can provide a welcome opportunity to relax after you complete your outdoor chores. Here’s a look at what’s on this weekend.   Summer Stock Of the many musicals starring the legendary Judy Garland, this hidden gem is easy to ...

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Some films that are great, and some nearly great

There’s something for everyone on this week’s bill of movies on television and cable, including some classics, a few near classics and a couple of fabulous misses that are great cinema fun. Here’s a look.   What’s the Matter With Helen This mess of a movie wins the week’s prize for being ...

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Escapism is the theme with these movies

At our house, when we look for a movie to relax with over a weekend, we search for what we know will take us away from the day-to-day work of the week. This week’s menu on television and cable delivers a range of choices that can easily create that essential escape. Here are a few... Read More

Films that are ‘guilty pleasures’

At our house we savor “guilty pleasures,” those over-the-top movie experiences that may escape critical raves in their pursuit of delivering pure entertainment. Luckily, this week’s menu of movies available on television and cable brings us many of these films that we can enjoy over and over ...

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The ‘Oscar curse’ — some case studies

Among the many Hollywood legends is the notion of the “Oscar” curse. This potentially disabling condition — at least for a career in film — is known to attack actors or actresses after they win Academy Awards. Some of its troubling symptoms are weak roles in weak films that may represent weak ...

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Friday Night Lights celebrates traditions

Looking for a movie this weekend? As we look back at the Academy Awards, and hopefully look ahead to warmer weather, check out one of these films broadcast this weekend on television. Here are a few movies to consider.   Friday Night Lights Feature of the Weekend Few experiences bring ...

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Past Oscar winners this weekend

Looking for a movie this weekend? To get ready for the Academy Awards on March 2, check out one of the past winners broadcast this weekend on television. Here are a few films to consider.   The Bridge on the River Kwai Feature of the Weekend None of us can predict how we might react... Read More