What makes an orchestra ‘professional?’

The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra.

Larry Kopp, executive director of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, has offered the following commentary in response to a recent article in the Arts & Leisure section. Residents of Fairfield and Westchester Counties truly have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the arts in ...

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Treasures from Altman and Eastwood, plus Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates in 'Misery,' for which she won an Oscar.

Some reel surprises are easy to find on broadcast and cable television this weekend: Movies with stories, characters and stars! So, if you plan to look for a movie to share, take a look at what’s on the tube. Here are a few ideas. Gosford Park (2001) The great director Robert Altman — who ...

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Nature is the bond between generations

Mike Freeman's new book.

Nature writers are a special breed.  They see forests differently.  They pick up the scent of plants and animals, identify birds by their song, know more about weather than most of us. Henry Thoreau, Rachel Carson, have opened our eyes and ears to a new understanding of the natural world. Mike ...

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What directors choose: Lessons from N.Y. Film Fest

Clouds of Sils Maria

Each year the New York Film Festival celebrates the magic filmmakers can create when they dare to reach beyond usual approaches. This year’s event reminded us how special film can be when directors push what the medium can reveal. Here are a few lessons to savor. Story Matters. At a time when ...

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2015 K900: Competing in price, but other factors?


Four years after corporate cousin Hyundai soared into the luxury-sedan market with the 2011 Equus, Kia is in the game with the 2015 K900. As of September, it hadn’t caught on, with just above 1,000 units sold — far short of the company’s goal of 5,000. The 2015 Equus was doing better, with ...

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Stamford Symphony’s opening concerts feature cellist Zuill Bailey playing Dvorak

Eckart Preu will begin his 10th season with the Stamford Symphony on Oct. 18-19.

For its 2014-15 season, Stamford Symphony’s opening concerts Oct. 18-19 are especially exciting. Conductor Eckart Preu (pronounced Proy) has chosen one of the premier cellists of the world, Zuill Bailey, to perform Dvorak’s Cello Concerto, plus Brahms’ Symphony No. 2, “an optimistic, joyful ...

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Fr. Giuliani’s icons of Native Americans share their culture with a wider audience

cov-fr john giuliani

Father John Giuliani of the Benedictine Grange in Redding recently returned from Rome, where his paintings depicting Native Americans in an iconographic manner were on exhibition at the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, an Augustinian church on the north side of Piazza del Popolo, one of the ...

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