December update from Connecticut DEEP

December update from Connecticut DEEP

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Dec. 6, 2012

Inland Update


2012 fall broodstock Atlantic salmon update DEEP completed its 2012 fall broodstock Atlantic salmon stockings this week by releasing over 200 fish into Beach Pond (106 salmon) and Mount Tom Pond (100 salmon). These stockings brought the total number of salmon stocked this fall to over 2,000 fish with Beach Pond (106 salmon), Crystal Lake (200 salmon) Mount Tom Pond (200 salmon), the upper Naugatuck River (403 salmon), lower Naugatuck River (403 salmon) and Shetucket River (713 salmon) all stocked. The fish stocked this fall ranged in size from 2 to 21 lbs each.

WINTER DRAWDOWNS of a number of Eastern CT lakes are in progress. Reported lake depth status for the following water bodies is current as of Wednesday, December 5th: Bashan Lake (down 37 inches), Beseck Lake (down 3 feet), Gardner Lake (down 36 inches), Lower Bolton Lake (down 24 inches), Middle Bolton Lake (down 26 inches), Pachaug Pond (down 36 inches) and Mashapaug Lake (down 32 inches).

WESTERN CT WINTER DRAWDOWNS. A three foot drawdown of Highland Lake and a two foot drawdown of West Hill Pond are ongoing.


Anglers are reminded that the fishing season is now closed at a number of areas, including BUNNELLS POND (Beardsley Park), GREAT HOLLOW POND (Wolfe Park), LAKE MCDONOUGH, the MALTBY LAKES, LAKE SALTONSTALL, MOHEGAN PARK POND (Spaulding Pond, Norwich), LAKE CHAMBERLAIN and at most designated “children’s areas”. (Please refer to the 2012 CT Angler’s Guide for complete regulations).

The fishing season at SAUGATUCK RESERVOIR will close after December 31st (reopens April 20, 2013)



Bathymetric maps of many of Connecticut’s public access lakes and ponds can be found online at: Both plain line maps and maps overlaying an aerial photo available.

DEEP Fishing Report – December Updates

DIDYMO – Invasive alga again found in the West Branch Farmington River.

The invasive freshwater alga, Didymosphenia geminata, known as “didymo” or “rock snot”, was first found in the West Branch Farmington River in March, 2011. Interestingly, didymo was not found in the West Branch during spring, 2012. This lack of didymo may have been due to the high flows that occurred in late summer and fall, 2011 that scoured the substrate. However, in late November, 2012, DEEP staff did again find a fairly dense bloom of didymo at a site on the river in the Riverton area. These remain the only reports of didymo in Connecticut.

Didymo is typically found in cold, shallow streams with rocky substrate. The microscopic didymo cell produces a stalk to attach to the substrate. Under ideal conditions, blooms of didymo can form thick mats of stalk material that feel like wet wool and are typically gray, white and/or brown, but never green in color. These mats form on the bottoms of rivers and streams, and if dense may have negative impacts on the ecological, recreational and aesthetic values of rivers with suitable habitat (cold, rocky, well-lit areas).

Anglers, kayakers and canoeists, boaters and jet skiers can all unknowingly spread didymo. The microscopic cells can cling to fishing gear, waders (felt soles can be especially problematic), boots and boats, and remain viable for months under even slightly moist conditions.

Numerous clumps of didymo were found in the West Branch Farmington River in spring, 2011. Although not found during spring, 2012, DEEP staff recently (late November) found a didymo “bloom” in the river just below Riverton.


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