One of the all-time great farces is Neil Simon’s Rumors. What makes it great is that no matter how many times you see it, you’re going to laugh.

The fun begins at Clockwork Rep in Oakville when the first two black-tie-attired guests arrive at the 10th anniversary party for Charley and Myra. No one is there to greet Chris and Ken Gorman. Not only are the host and hostess nowhere in sight, but there are no servants to be found either.

When the Gormans start looking around, they discover that Charley has shot himself. It’s just a flesh wound through his earlobe, but he’s bleeding badly and his wife seems to have disappeared.

Since the other guests coming to the party are all very important people, Ken wants to keep the situation hushed up. However, as soon as these guests catch on that that Charley and Myra are nowhere around, their suspicions turn into hilarity.

Without a doubt, Bill Wilson as Lenny Ganz puts this production over the top with his expressive facial gestures, harried comments and wild accusations. Lenny’s brand new BMW has been sideswiped and he is in a rage. Elizabeth K. Fricke as his wife Claire Ganz, is the epitome of a rich aristocrat and a perfect foil for Wilson. She gracefully responds to every insult with turned up nose and sarcastic smile. She’s a gem.

But the entire cast does an outstanding job. It doesn’t take long for the audience to hold on hook, line, and sinker for this laugh out loud comedy. The audience is ready for just about anything, and they get it.

Oakville is located just outside of Waterbury and is easily accessed from Route 8 North. Running through March 31, tickets are available through the box office: 860-274-7247.


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♥♥♥♥♥ – “Rumors” Clockwork Repertory Theatre, Oakville: Non-Equity; Box office: 860-274-7247. Through March 31.


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NR – Not Reviewed

Equity – Member of Actors Equity Assoc.