This is the time of year when area theatergoers get restless. Not to worry. There’s plenty coming your way. The holidays always create a bit of a gap between theater openings, but just about everything will be opening in the next few weeks. Here’s a sneak preview.           

Dr. Ruth (portrayed by Alice McMahon) – in radio studio

 Square One Theatre Company in Stratford will present “Becoming Dr. Ruth” by Mark St. Germain. If  you are one of the very few who doesn’t know who the great Dr. Ruth, she is the sex therapist who became a famous radio talk show host and a television personality. A German born, Jewish immigrant to the United States, she made sex talk fun. The play is filled with humor and a lot of the spirit that made Dr. Ruth Westheimer so famous. The show plays from May 4-21. Box office: 203-375-8778.

           Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven opens “The Most Beautiful Room in New York,” a world premiere on May 3. It plays through May 28. This is a brand new musical about a small family restaurant. What could be better material for a good spring production than a play about food, family, and marriage? Discover it for yourself at Long Wharf’s Stage II. Box office: 204-787-4282.

           Yale Repertory Theatre also presents a world premiere with “Mary Jane,” by Amy Herzog. It opens next week on April 28 and plays through May 20. Here’s the story of a young woman who faces the challenges of caring for her chronically ill son. Box office: 203-432-1234.

           TheatreWorks New Milford starts its production of “Animal Farm” May 5  and runs it through May 27. Just about everyone has had to read the novel by George Orwell sometime during their high school years. Now, Ian Wooldridge has adapted it for stage. This is the satire on Stalinism and totalitarianism. Long will the phrase “Some are more equal than others” live on. Of course what makes this works so famous is that the characters are animals. They drive out their master from the farm they live on and then the excitement begins. Since pigs are more clever than the other animals, they become in charge. If  you read it, now you can see it. If you didn’t read, then you should see it. Box office: 860-350-6863.

           Sherman Playhouse in Sherman takes on a very dark comedy by John Guare. It’s “The House of Blue Leaves” and takes place in 1965 on the day Pope PaulVI visited New York City.Artie, a zookeeper who dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood personality because of his song writing skills decides to move to Hollywood with his girlfriend. The problem is that his wife is a schizophrenic bound for an institution. His son is a GI who was headed to Viet Nam but goes AWOL. This is definitely a play that looks at life gone crazy especially when  three nuns end up in Artie’s apartment where a bombing takes place. Box office: 860-354-3622.