Abraham as a role model?

The story of Abraham and his late-in-life offspring gave Joe Pisani food for thought.

I was sitting in church, trying not to daydream, when the priest stepped to the pulpit and read from the Book of Genesis: “Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born to him…” I snapped to attention and thought, “Wow! I’m nowhere near 100. There’s still time to have a son!” With …

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The dreaded performance review

An innocent employee awaits the dreaded performance review.

One of the greatest terrors of the American workplace — second only to the 10 percent pay cut and corporate downsizing — is the annual performance review. Performance evaluations were invented by highly compensated experts in the field of employee mind-control. As far as I can determine, they serve several purposes: • To scare ordinary, …

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Junk mail: the bulk of it

What's in the mailbox? Not much interesting these days.

For two days I didn’t pick up the mail. No bills to worry about. No get-rich offers to resist. No once-in-a lifetime bargains for timeshare in Trinidad and Tobago. And no solicitations from charities to make me feel guilty. Things just aren’t the same anymore. Gone are the days of anticipation when the mail delivery …

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Smartphones: Indispensable?

Cellphones: everywhere, all the time.

A poll came out recently that revived my hope in America. We’re on the road to recovery. We don’t even need a new president. We can let the Supreme Court or Stephen Colbert take control. A survey of 1,000 stalwart, enlightened, progressive, consumer-oriented Americans concluded that when they wake up in the morning, “the first …

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Fantasies of escape

Lost kayaking? Not!

The headline proclaimed the wonderful news: “U.S. Traveler Who Vanished in Australia Five Years Ago Found ALIVE!” He didn’t die in a kayaking accident after all, and he wasn’t kidnapped by a band of rogue kangaroos or Mad Max the Road Warrior, and he wasn’t held hostage on a kiwi farm, as many had speculated. …

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