A vote for redemption

Read these headlines because you’ll be quizzed: “Panama Papers continue to shake leaders worldwide”  “Obama approval rating at 50 percent, dissatisfaction with D.C. looms” “Poll: 55 percent have unfavorable impression of Hillary Clinton” “Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively: Poll” “Guilty conscience: Stolen sign returned after 30 years” OK, who would be the best president of …

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Learning on the job

It was a long road from Baskin-Robbins to the Oval Office for President Obama, who was recently reminiscing about his first job, scooping ice cream. Despite the stress on his wrists, he learned valuable lessons about hard work and responsibility. Dealing with customers can be a learning experience as grueling as dealing with Democrats and …

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Save our bacon, please!


Following the example of former New York Mayor Bloomberg, who tried to ban Big Gulp, the United Nations is cracking down on bacon and processed meats. From the halls of Nathan’s Deli to the shores of Italy, there’s a deafening outcry as the masses plead, “Save our bacon!” The Agency for Research on Cancer says …

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Joe’s choice for Halloween

Planning your candy purchases? Throw restraint to the winds, says Joe Pisani.

You know Halloween is coming when you see superstores sprouting up overnight all along the Post Road — not one or two but more than a half dozen — in abandoned Staples locations, in shuttered furniture stores and in closed supermarkets. Polyethylene banners with pictures of vampires, skeletons and bats hang from the walls, flapping …

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