Drop out, tune out!

Did I Say That? columnist Joe Pisani finds reality television at turn-off.

While I was wandering through the vast cyber-wasteland known as the Internet, I came upon an interview with Jerry Springer, the genius behind the TV show that makes you want to hide under the covers for fear the barbarians are storming the suburbs and causing the collapse of post-modern Western Civilization, along with your 401(k). …

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Job hunters: A varied lot


We had an entry-level position in my office, so we posted the opening on the Internet, and in a matter of minutes, resumes started pouring in. “This can’t be real,” I thought. “Some hacker from North Korea is pranking us. Kim Jong Un is at it again.” Or maybe it was that numb-nuts from WikiLeaks. …

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Doing what’s right

What would you do with a bag of money?

Somewhere out West while driving on the Interstate, a Utah man found a bag filled with thousands of dollars in cash. Instead of hightailing it to Vegas and staking a claim at the blackjack table, he did a curious thing and turned the money over to the authorities. No fun in that. You’re probably thinking, …

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Musings on news

The rumble of the presses was music to the ears.

In the olden days, long before the invention of apps and Uggs, smart phones and selfie sticks, newspapermen would sit around the newsroom and discuss the big issues. After deadline, we’d break out the Jack Daniels and cigars — yes, it was legal to drink and smoke in the newsroom back when dinosaurs walked the …

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Just two paisans at lunch

Quality and quantity make a real Italian meal.

A business associate recently took me to lunch at a high-class Italian restaurant in Manhattan, the kind of place where the waiters speak the native tongue and the menu includes entrees like gamberoni alla griglia con i fagioli toscani. Whatever that is. No spaghetti and meatballs. He ordered ravioli with truffles. There were five on …

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The secret to marriage

Joe Pisani believes he knows the secret to marriage, and he's will to share it.

I’ve always believed the secret to a long and lasting marriage is knowing everything about each other before you tie the knot. Your food allergies. Your underwear size. Your middle name. Your last name. For example, my wife knew I was a compulsive junk collector before we got married, and I knew she was a …

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LDL, HDL: just eat up?

I just heard some good news for a change. And it has nothing to do with my 401(k) or the price of gas. According to the latest government report, cholesterol doesn’t matter. I have to write fast before they issue another report that contradicts this one. I’m sure there are scientific nuances I can’t grasp, …

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Il pesce marcisce dalla testa

Sometimes I ask myself the really big philosophical questions, especially after reading the Dilbert comic strip. Questions like “Why didn’t I get a double-digit raise?” and “What happened to pension plans?” and “Do we really need bosses?” I’m no Communist, and I certainly realize bosses fulfill necessary corporate functions, such as writing memos, stifling workplace …

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